The meaning of wallet to a person

 Wallet is of great significance to wealth gathering. Of course, if the wallet is not suitable, it will backfire.
First, the color of your wallet should conform to your fate, you hit what color to have in mind, avoid not suitable for your color wallet. If you don’t know your own emotional preferences, then usually the color of your wallet should be black, gold, coffee and red.
Second, the style of the wallet is very important. In general, friends must pay attention to the choice of buckle wallet, preferably not zipper wallet. Otherwise, you will not lose money unless you increase your wealth, unless you are the boss of the company or the most vulnerable.
Third, the shape of the wallet is very important, usually the wallet is more rectangular, we should try to avoid circular or irregular wallet.
Fourth, be sure to choose a purse with a grade or brand. Poor people can’t be poor at anything. This is understandable, just as your family must have a good safe.
Fifth, the location of the wallet should be appropriate. Some friends did a good job in front of them, but the wallet was placed at random. Wallet can not be placed at the door of the shoe cabinet at home, otherwise the probability of breaking money is very large.
Sixth, wallet can not be used by others. Many people use their wallets to others for free, which is very bad. Example: when a dinner is finished, someone will give his wallet to someone else to pay the bill, which will lead to frequent leakage of money.
Seventh, do not put a lot of money in the wallet, which is not related to money, such as paper slips, business cards and so on.

Post time: Nov-12-2018